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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 1, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> ama: a family grief-stricken. flames rip through a pacifica home with four generations of a family inside. two people did not survive. i'm ama daetz. a house fire in pacifica claims two lives. witnesses say family members threw children out of windows to safety but two people did not make it out. sergio quintana is live with what happened. >> reporter: it has been a very devastating day for the family in pacifica. you can see this is what is basically left of their home.
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i understand that the 90-year-old grandfather, and a middle school aged boy, were the victims. police officers and family struggled to hold back man as he tries to enter the house even as it continues to smolder. in the first moments of the fire, neighbors tried to help as best they could. >> he was a neighbor that philadelphia this home here, tried to get upstairs, and the police pulled him down, where is the room where the little boy was. and their father, had a bucket, and he was -- people tried to help. >> an 11-year-old boy is one of the victims. firefighters say he is one of 13 people in the house. 11 made it out alive. >> there's some reports from the police department there were some people that were exiting from the second floor window. including some children that were being tossed out the window to safety below. >> reporter: a one-year-old infant was among those tossed to
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neighbors below. throughout the morning send -- extended familiar through came from around the bay area. he says the second fire victim is in his 90s and could barely walk. he had moved to the bay area in the last three months. four generations of a family lived in the house. investigators are yet to figure out what sparked the fire and writ started. >> that one-year-old infant that was tossed from the second floor, was tossed down to neighbors. that child and the child's two parents were at san francisco general hospital, taken there for smoke inhalation. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> ama: thank you so much. the coast guard continues to wait for rough seas to calm down in order to reach the injured crew members of a racing yacht
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rocked by a powerful wave. >> this coast guard video shows medical supplies being dropped from an airplane to the geraldton pacific. it's sailing toward the golden gate, compete fog the around around-the-world yacht race. >> the steering was carried away but we have backup system. >> the coast guard plans to have the helicopter hover above the damage boat. the injured crew include a 50-year-old and a 29-year-old, both from england. their fellow brittons were also
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hurt. an online effort gill in an hour in hopes of find can sierra lamar. the search continues with more than 500 volunteers looking for her and posting fliers. they focused on a 20-mile radius, and a 24-hour social media will be held. they're asked to change their online picture to one of sierra for a full day. >> knowing that the first efforts and all the other agencies are continuing and not stopping, it's comforting. >> ama: she was last seen leaving for the school bus stop. her purse and clothes and phone were found near her house. but no new clues were found today. thousands of people renewed the call for prosecuting the neighborhood watch volunteer the police say shot florida teenager trayvon martin to death. >> no justice!
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>> no peace! >> the reverend al sharpton is going to martin's family in miami this afternoon. martin died in february after getting into a dispute with george zimmerman while visiting sanford florida. several people dispute zimmerman's claim he fired at the boy. >> the question becomes how we turn our pain to power. how to turn a crucifix into a resurrection. >> the speakers included a former police chief. zimmerman has not been charged. >> right now "occupy" sf protesters are on the move, saying they'll take over a vacant building. protesters want to turn a vacant building into a food bank and social center. they began their march in union scare an -- square an hour ago
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and are blocking a road. they won't say which building it's targeting but we have a crew following the story and we'll bring you the latest information at 6:00. residents in two bay area cities are paying more at the store as sales tax increases went into effect today. voters approved the increases, and today vallejo sales tax went up to 8.375%. sales tax in the city of fairfax increased to 8 359%. that puts fairfax in line with novato and san rafael for the highest sales tax in marin county, where most cities charge 8%. police are out to get distracted drivers off the road. april is national distracted driving aware ms. month, -- awareness month, and they're cracking down on cell phone use and texting while driving. a ticket costs a minimum of $159. during a similar month-long
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campaign last year authorities cited 52,000 violators. democracy and a dictatorship, an historic victory for a woman who spent much of her life fighting for freedom. the census records that will draw a more detailed portrait of a decade that transformed our nation. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. wow, what a difference a day makes. beautiful, clear sky out there this hour. also, warmed up just a little bit. more warming expected in the next coming week. we'll look at the seven-day forecast and let you know when you can expect it. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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>> ama: police in kentucky say they're evaluating how they handled rowdy fans after kentucky beat louisville in a final four matchup. thousands of uk fans began celebrating, some overturning cars and setting bonfire. 150 officers in riot gear restored order. police report no serious injuries or damage. they're now gereing -- gearing up for monday. >> voters in myanmar -- unofficial results show aung san suu kyi the winner in the election. her supporters cheered and filled the streets. it was -- she was just released two years ago. she won the nobel peace prize for her work against the military rule. >> i think i saw plenty of
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respect and goodwill, which is very important, but we need to hear what other people are saying, and say whether this is credible or not. >> suu kyi's party first won a landslide in 1990 but that was declared invalid by the army. >> the 1940 census records will be released after 72 years of confidentiality expire. the record detail the lives of 132 million people who lived through the 30s. family historians, it's the most important disdisclosure in decades. the records are free to anyone on the internet but won't be made immediately searchable. strappedded -- stranded at sea for 24 hours. >> a cell phone helps crews
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reach a boy trapped four stories underground. we'll show you the dramatic rescue. a rain-free day in the bay area. it was beautiful. leigh glaser says we can expect some warmer temperatures coming up. the forecast is after the break. ha you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now, i can barely hear a thing with amber's band practicing. ♪ you're right, we've had enough. but i know exactly what to do. you take care of the music and i'll switch us to anthem. sometimes you just have to pull the plug.
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>> ama: passengers on a luxury cruise ship that caught fire and was strandedded a sea say the ship's crew was, quote, totally amazing.
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the ship drift off the southern philippines with 1,000 people aboard after flames engulfed an engine room. five crew members were injured. the ship was able to continue on last night and back to malaysia. 200 americans were among the passengers. many say the crew did an amazing job. >> it was the trip of a lifetime because there aren't a lot of cruises on this small of a ship. if i did it again, i was -- >> the cruise line is part of the royal caribbean cruises. it was supposed to be a 17-day southeast asian cruise. passengers say it was nothing like the costa concordia, 23 people died when that boat capsized in january. it took several attempts but fire crews in china were able to rescue a little bow trapped nearly 40 feet down the well. he slipped and fell into the unused dry well. rescue crews couldn't fit inside. they pumped in oxygen and
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lowered a camera phone inside to monitor the child. they tried to use a rope to pull up the boy but he was so small, he kept slipping down from the rope. rescuers tested methods on each other, and then, finally -- [shouting] >> wow. they pulled the boy out safely by wrapping the rope under his arms. he was not seriously hurt. state officials are set to conduct the fourth snow survey of the season. surveyors will check the snow pack in several sights in the sierra to forecast the amount of frozen water that will trickle into streams and reservoirs. reservoir storage is 106% of normal because of the state's conservation efforts. wow -- rough waves continue
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across the bay area. swells could reach up to 20 feet with steep breakers up to 22 feet. strong rip currents are expected along with large breakers. >> let's get to leigh. some warmer temperatures. today was gorgeous. >> leigh: still had the stiff breeze that kept a nip in the air, but a nice day. speaking of, those breakers, this is a live shot from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. you can see the white caps out there, not only at the coast but also inside the bay, and, yes, just to reiterate, the high surf advisory until 11:00 tomorrow. already o'dega bay and monterey bay, buoys reporting waves up to 15 feet. the forecast is for all of this to slowly die down as we head to
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the overnight hours, and by 11:00 tomorrow, hopefully that advisory will be lifted. speaking of wind, check out the speeds ago now. sfo, northwest, 32. napa, west, 18. we have a 30 miles-per-hour at oakland, 22 santa rosa, and gusts out of the northwest at 16 miles-per-hour in san jose. and it has been those breeze -- we had brilliant sunshine but the winds out of the northwest kept temperatures off. napa, 60. fairfield, 60. 54 in san francisco. so, once those winds begin to die down, the clear skies, but we're going to cool off rapidly. it will be a warmer day tomorrow, hinting at 70s, and then as we head into tuesday and wednesday, get ready. going to feel like winter returning, but really it's going to be the cold temperatures that you'll notice then. you can see from the satellite,
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clear sky. temperatures tonight once the winds will die down -- 47 for san francisco, and he'll go 41 at the live moore valley area. the forecast animation starting at 5:00 tonight, because you can get a sense that clear sky. this is your monday morning commute. not much. may see a few clouds move in by 6:00 tomorrow night. but a very weak system to the north. and a few showers, and you can see this by tuesday afternoon, 3:00, maybe a few light showers, north of santa rosa, up towards ukiah. suffice to say tomorrow is just going to be terrific, and a lot of 70s on the map. how about 70 for fairfield, antioch, concord. san rafael, you warm to 66. 70 for santa rosa.
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we won't have as much wind so that means temperatures will really climb up there. and you'll feel the warmth as well. watsonville, 70. the next seven days look pretty good. monday is the best. a slight chance of shower on tuesday, and wednesday more than, and look at thursday. ouch. only in the 50s around here. easter weekend looks dry. >> ama: the sharks have chance? >> mike: ahave a chance, clicking at just the right time. a great effort last night against dallas.
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>> mike: she sharks probably need to win their final three games to have any chance at a playoff spot thivment beat the stars 3-0, and will face them in dallas but the sharks have struggled on the road with a 15-17-7 record. the play last night like a playoff team. they can gain ground against the kings, one in l.a., and their final game at home. >> on the road it's tough. we haven't -- our road game hasn't been as good as it should be, and it's tough for us to win on the road. >> you put the losses behind you and the wins hip you and get ready to go back to work. you can't get too high, can't
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get too low. six points out there, real important. >> mike: go sharks. the warriors will not be playoff team, again. as a result of the youth movement. seth curry's ankle injury has given jenkins a lot of playing time. he had a career high 12 assists against new jersey. he and clay thompson have found their shooting touch and both are gaping confidence. >> i think the next step is to learn as a rookie. that's going to make you better in the league. listen and learn. i think for the most part i have been doing a great transcribe job at it. coming in early and working on it with the coaches and now transfers to games. >> women's final four from denver, notre dame and uconn in the first game.
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at the buzzer, mcbride buries the jumper to cut the lead to three at the break. notre dame takes the lead. they go up 37-36. fighting irish up five. big biggins with the steal. irish with their biggest lead. now up 65-61, under 2:00 to play. we'll have highlights at 6:00. >> the final two tournaments, beautiful -- before the masters. louis oosthuizen, double bogey. hunter mahan started two back. rolls within five three of the hole. makes that for birdie. shoots a 1-under 71 and and thas enough for the victory. >> tony ericson, men's final, novak djokovic had his way with
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andy murray. he wins in straight sets. won the last three majors and is looking forward to the french open, the only major he has not won. >> to martinsville speedway, the oldest and shortest track on the nascar circuit. jeff gordon and jimmie johnson dominated but with two laps, clint bowyer tries to pass, johnson bumps gordon. ryan newman wins. his first win of the year. >> the first major of the year in golf on the lpga tour is finishing up. >> can you say oosthuizen a couple more times?
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00, police are searching for suspects after vandals trash businesses in downtown oakland. and check out this. part get to, part spider, and all the controversy. join us at 6:00. two famous women are making a television comeback on morning broadcast. sarasarah palin will co-host the today show, and katie couric will be co-hosting good morning america. that does it for us


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